Maurepas — The 12th Annual Maurepas Beauty Pageant will be held at the Maurepas High School Gymnasium on Oct. 13 at 6 p.m.

Organizers Sue Olah and Cindy Stilley decided to have the pageant this year to help things get back to normal.

“Mrs. Stilley and I thought long and hard as to whether to have a pageant this year. Because of the many students and their parents that are exhausted from dealing with flood waters, soaked sheetrock, and rebuilding their homes and lives, a beauty pageant seemed like a trivial thing to worry about. Dealing with the same thing at my home, I know how hard it is to find time to help our children heal and feel normal again,” Olah wrote on the Maurepas School Facebook page.

“In the end, we decided that getting back to normal (or as normal as possible) was probably the best thing our students, your daughters, needed at this time. Maybe a little entertainment is what we will all need by the time the pageant rolls around. So, we are going to have the beauty pageant on Thursday, Oct. 13. We have changed a few things to help more of you participate. For this year, we have lowered the cost of the entry fee to $20,” she said.

There are five divisions to enter: Division I - Petite Miss Maurepas (ages 4-5); Division II - Little Miss Maurepas (ages 6-8); Division III - Pre-Teen Miss Maurepas (ages 9-11); Division IV - Junior Miss Maurepas (ages 12-14); and Division V - Senior Miss Maurepas (ages 15 and up).

Queens in each division will receive a crown, sash and flowers, while 1st, 2nd and 3rd runners up will receive sashes and flowers. Each Petite and Little Miss contestant will receive a Princess Crown.

Sashes for Fashion, Personality, Prettiest Eyes, Smile, Hair and Photogenic will be given in each division. To enter Photogenic, submit photos to Sue Olah or Cindy Stilley by Oct. 13.

The entry fee for the pageant is $20 (no refunds). If you want your contestant’s name in the program, please have the entry fee and form handed in by Wednesday, Oct. 5. Entry fees and forms will be accepted through Oct. 13. Each entry will receive one free admittance to the pageant.

Judging at the pageant is based on beauty, poise, personality and overall appearance.

Contestants for Division I (Petite) do not have to attend Maurepas School, but contestants for Divisions II, III, IV, and V must attend Maurepas School.

Dresses for Divisions I, II, and III for this year only will be Sunday’s Best. Contestants are asked to wear dresses they would wear to church or a special function with little or no makeup and naturally fixed hair with no hair pieces, as opposed to the usual glitzy pageant dresses from past pageants.

Dresses for Divisions IV and V will be formal floor-length pageant dresses.

Contestants can be sponsored by individuals or businesses. The judges’ decisions are final. Out of town judges will be used. Winners may not hold the same title for more than one year. A professional photographer will be on hand to take pictures.

For more information, contact Olah or Stilley at 695-6111 or visit

To download the entry forms, visit the school’s web page:

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