LIVINGSTON - Two women are in jail following an explosion and fire at a house north of Walker authorities say was used to manufacture methamphetamine.

Just before midnight on Sunday, Aug. 1, Sheriff's Deputies and firefighters from Fire Protection District 4 responded to the report of an explosion and subsequent house fire at Weiss Road, Walker.

Upon their arrival, deputies learned that some sort of argument involving at least five people occurred at the residence immediately after the explosion was heard, Chief Criminal Deputy Jason Ard said. Deputies were able to detain two of these people while the other three fled the scene.

When firefighters were finally able to extinguish the fire, authorities discovered several burned Coleman camp fuel cans in the area of the home where the fire seemed to have originated. They also discovered a plastic bottle with tubing coming out of it, which is commonly used to construct a homemade HCL generator, Ard said.

"Further search of the area revealed no less than three one pot method shake and bake meth labs," Ard said.

The two residents arrested at the address, 35606 Weiss Road, were Lisa Barnhizer McLin, 38, and Mercede Marie Bucher, 21.

Both were charged with two counts Operation/Creation of a Clandestine Meth Lab and two counts Manufacture of Schedule II CDS (Methamphetamine). Both are currently in the Livingston Parish Detention Center on a $400,000 bond.

Narcotics deputies, assisted by the Louisiana State Fire Marshall's Office, continue to investigate this case, and more arrests are forthcoming, Ard said.

"Fortunately, no injures were reported in connection with the incident," Ard said.

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I'm shocked. You mean there are meth labs in Livingston Parish? I just can't believe it.... sheesh


It's those EBR people. :)


There's another "suspended sentence" in the making.


Don't blame us EBR people! The only thing most of us do is add more average teeth per person to the tooth count here! :)

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