DENHAM SPRINGS – Two Livingston Parish law enforcement agencies took to social media recently in an effort to stem nighttime car burglaries.

The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office posted videos and photos and the Denham Springs Police Department posted a photo of suspects sought in car burglaries.

In many cases, the vehicles were left unlocked.

Both agencies have asked the public to review security camera videos to see if they recorded anyone near their vehicles or passing on the street.

While the homeowner’s vehicle may not have been broken into, the surveillance video may help authorities identify suspects.

“If you happen to have security footage of suspects in your neighborhood … send it our way, please,” the Sheriff’s Office said. “Spread the word as our detectives try to put a stop to these summertime bandits.”

On July 6. the Sheriff’s Office posted a surveillance video from a Dunn Road residence.

“It seems as though a couple of individuals have been targeting unlocked vehicles in a certain area of the parish,” the Sheriff’s Office post said.

“A locked vehicle (and) a spotted security cam spooked these persons of interest. But, in this video ... you get a pretty good look at faces,” it said.

Two white males in T-shirts, shorts and backpacks are seen walking up to a car. One wearing glasses can’t open the car, looks up and sees the surveillance camera. The pair quickly leave the garage.

Three days earlier, the Sheriff’s Office posted three photos and a video recorded June 29.

On June 29, deputies were called to the Lakes of Fennwood Subdivision for a vehicle burglary complaint. The victim noticed items missing when he was leaving for work. A firearm, checkbook and other items were missing.

Through surveillance cameras in the area, detectives know the suspect took the items around 4:30 a.m. June 29.  

The photos show a person with a hooded sweatshirt and long pants looking into a car and truck. The video shows a truck driving down a street, using a driveway to turn around, then stopping by a car on the other side of the street from the video camera.

Meanwhile, The Denham Springs Police Department is trying to identify a woman wanted in questioning for several vehicle burglaries at the Denham Springs Walmart.

On July 5, the Police Department posted a photo of the woman in the Walmart.

If anyone has information on the woman in the Denham Springs police investigation, call (225) 665-5106.

If anyone has information on the Sheriff’s Office cases, they can call (225) 686-2241 ext. 1

People also can call Crime Stoppers at (225) 344-STOP (7867).

Law enforcement spokesmen have said if a homeowner suspects someone is breaking into their vehicle, call 911; do not confront the burglars.

One such confrontation on June 23 in Denham Springs led to gunshots, although no one was hit. A 17-year-old has been booked on attempted second-degree murder in that case.


Kevin Fambrough is a reporter at the Livingston Parish News. He can be reached at You can follow him on Twitter at @fambroughkevin.

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