LIVINGSTON -- French Settlement voters returned a former police chief to office in a runoff election Saturday, less than a year after the Ethics Board forced him to resign.

In other elections, Killian votes rejected a one-cent sales tax proposal for public safety. Voters in the Town of Livingston mixed a 10-mill property tax millage which would have funded the start of a municipal recreation district.

Former French Settlement Police Chief Harry Brignac garnered 153 votes, only 14 more than opponent Waylon Stafford.

Forty-two percent of the village's registered voters participated in the election.

Brignac served 32 years as police chief before an Ethics Board violation led to his state-ordered resignation at the end of 2016.

The Board of Ethics fined him a total of $3,000 for failure to file Tier 3 annual personal finance disclosure statements in 2013 and 2014, according to records filed in the Livingston Parish Courthouse. He later paid the fines.

He dropped his bid for reelection after an Objection of Candidacy the Louisiana Board of Ethics filed against him in 21st Judicial District Court.

Only 77 voters went to the polls in Killian, and 50 of them gave a "thumbs down" to a one-cent sales tax to help with public safety. The tax would have paid for street repairs, police units and street signs.

The Town of Livingston voters on an 118-92 vote rejected a 10-mill property tax millage to fund a municipal recreation department.

The move came after then-Mayor Derral Jones announced in September  he wanted wanted to break away from Livingston Parish Recreation District 5 over upgrades to local parks and distribution of funds.

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The people of the Town Livingston and Livingston parish are up too their ears in taxes. Enough! We can`t afford all of this money grabbing when hard working families are struggling to put food on the table and pay our bills.

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