Hillary Clinton was the lawyer, architect, for the Sam Walton (Walmart) family, who set up a tax free credit swap allowing them to retain their wealth, their billions. So Hillary, by doing this tax dodge helped the Walton`s avoided paying more taxes and allowed them to keep more of their billions. Also I think this was done through a charitable foundation, like the Clinton foundation. Hillary is in it for the power and the money. She does not care about anyone but Hillary. Not even Bill, and I can`t say that I blame her for that. Bill Clinton has raped as many women as Bill Cosby and they are both going to walk, with Hillary`s help. The rich and famous get taken care of in America by our courts. The rest of us get justice.

The reason the military folks were on stage with Donald Trump when he admitted President Obama was born in the United States, is because they are bigots just like Donald Trump. If you believe there are no bigots in the military, then you were never served in the military. It makes no difference because bigots come in any form: Generals, Medal of Honor recipients, and Buck Privates.

The Vietnam draft dodger, Donald Trump, tells us that he knows more than the United State’s military leaders about ISIS. Trump said he knows more than most individuals serving in the armed services because he went to a military prep school.

Here we go again. Councilman Chris Davis has yet another mission against the city. Isn’t it very strange how he is always alone in whatever his latest mission is? When 4/5 councilmen don’t support you, MAYBE you are wrong instead of the only one who is right! When no one else is shouting the things you are shouting MAYBE you don’t have support or MAYBE you are wrong. He is doing nothing to help people except try to posture himself for re-election. Good luck next time since you were a no-show during this whole disaster until you got to a public meeting, and with two arrests under your belt this time! Mr. Davis, first you get our chief and captain fired, then you accuse the mayor of unfounded fraud, then you accuse the city of unfounded misappropriation of funds now you are screaming fraud again! Can you please just take care of yourself and your own problems instead of pretending to help the city you have said nothing but horrible things about for over a year now? We do not need this right now! We need leadership and calmness, not mania!

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