Christian Youth Theater

Cast members of the Christian Youth Theater get ready to take a bow following their final performance of “The Music Man” at LSU’s Claude L. Shaver Theatre on Sunday, Oct. 29.

The Christian Youth Theater (CYT) of Baton Rouge is bringing another of Disney’s most popular stories to the stage.

CYT, an after-school theater arts training program for elementary to high school-aged students, will present five showings of “Mulan Jr.” during a four-night run this week, beginning Feb. 28 and ending March 3.

The company, which will feature nearly 60 actors ages 8-18, will perform the one-act play at LSU’s Claude L. Shaver Theatre. Nearly a dozen of the performers come from Livingston Parish, including Justin Jackson, Emily LeBlanc, Rose Barraco, Gabe Barraco, Rainey Price, Elena McKnight, Lexi McKnight, Hunter Ferrell, Madison Bueche and Victoria Lee.

CYT Baton Rouge has presented several Disney tales over the years, including “The Legend of Pocahontas,” Fall 2013; “Aladdin, Jr.,” Winter 2015; “Rapunzel,” Spring 2015; “Mary Poppins,” Fall 2015; “ Beauty and the Beast,” Fall 2016; and “The Little Mermaid,” Spring 2018.

This time, the company will tackle the story about a misfit Chinese girl named Mulan who teams with her mischievous dragon sidekick Mushu to save the Emperor from the invading Huns.

Defying the village matchmaker, Mulan takes up arms and disguises herself as a boy in order to spare her father from serving in the army. As battle with the Huns draws near, Mulan must choose between revealing her true identity as a girl or saving all of China with her plan.

Since its founding in 1981 in San Diego, California, CYT has become the largest youth theater in the nation. There are affiliates across the country training thousands of students a year.

Baton Rouge native Tonja Rainey brought the program to the area in 2013, and CYT Baton Rouge is now a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization funded primarily through its tuition, ticket sales and outside contributions.

Tickets for the show are $19 if purchased in advance and $16 for children ages 12 and under or if purchased as part of a group of 15 or more. Tickets will be $22 at the door.

The play is set for 7 p.m. on Feb. 28, March 1 and March 2, with additional performances scheduled for 3 p.m. on March 2-3.

Tickets can be purchased in advance by clicking here

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