You're Driving Me Crazy

Students perform in Live Oak Talented Theatre’s production of “You’re Driving Me Crazy” on Sunday, April 14.

WATSON -- In one skit, actors put their own spin on a collection of popular fairy tales.

In another, they demonstrated the stresses that come with taking a driver’s test.

Both were part of a dual-production put on by Live Oak-area talented theatre students on Sunday, April 14, when around 30 students performed separate plays in front of an engaged audience at Live Oak High. 

Elementary and middle school students got the ball rolling with Alexi Alfieri’s “What Happened After Once Upon a Time,” a humorous play that added a modern twist to a plethora of fairy tale classics. The play starred students from Live Oak Middle, Live Oak Elementary and North Live Oak Elementary.

With Kennedy Roblin and Avery Barbay playing the storytellers, the skit featured a Cinderella who actually enjoyed cleaning for her evil stepmother and stepsisters, a Little Red Riding Hood who became a lawyer and defended the big bad wolf’s actions, a Rapunzel who thanked her real estate agent for finding her the high castle, and a rough-and-tough Snow White, among other colorful characters.

What Happened After Once Upon a Time

Dani Ardoin, of Live Oak Middle, performs as Cinderella during Live Oak Talented Theatre’s production of “What Happened After Once Upon a Time” on Sunday, April 14.

Following the fairy tale production, Live Oak Junior High students performed Todd Wallinger’s “You’re Driving Me Crazy,” another lighthearted skit that included four amusing scenes centered around a driving exam.

One scene featured a driving instructor performing his first examination; another a driver who had to bring her entire family; the third a bickering teenage couple; and the last a distracted driver who can’t put down her phone during the exam.

Live Oak-area talented theatre has one more production on the slate for this year, and it will be the high schoolers in the starring roles — both on and off stage. Live Oak High students will perform in student-directed scenes beginning at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, May 3, inside the LOHS cafeteria. 

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