A Pelican Story

The Patriotic Pelican, played by Nevaeh Grimes (center), speaks to reporters in a press conference near the end of Denham Springs High’s production of “A Pelican Story,” which the theatre department performed in four showings April 5-7.

DENHAM SPRINGS -- Justice was served inside Jacket Gym last weekend.

It came courtesy of the Patriotic Pelican, the hero of Denham Springs High’s production of “A Pelican Story,” a student-written play that delighted audiences during four entertaining showings April 5-7.

The two-act play — replete with equal amount of superhero and patriotic puns — was the theatre department’s final production of the year, capping off its second year in existence with a red-white-and-blue bang.

Seth Bowden, who wrote the play, and Nevaeh Grimes donned the star-spangled cape in the titular role. Joining them on stage were more than 50 other students, including Lane Graves and Jason Nguyen (Captain Constitution), Troy Hollomon and Michael Hofler (Damien Donte), and A’mya Heggins and Jessica Knight (Detective Sandra) in major roles.

“A Pelican Story,” which Bowden wrote with assistance from theatre teacher Donna Van Oss, follows the Patriotic Pelican and Captain Constitution as they try to take down the evil Damien Donte, a billionaire who plots to take over New Orleans.

Detective Sandra and her assistant Sam are always a step behind the two superheroes until everything comes to a head in the final scene, when the Patriotic Pelican and Damien Donte duke it out for the final time.

A Pelican Story

Damien Donte, played by Troy Hollomon, stands above his captors during Denham Springs High’s production of “A Pelican Story,” which the theatre department performed in four showings April 5-7.

During the play, the heroes and villains encounter a slew of colorful characters, such as a reptile-worshipping priest, a psychopath with a spoon, a wise hobo, several in-your-face reporters, a pair of screaming super fans, and a Brooklyn-sounding secretary.

“A Pelican Story” was a spinoff of the theatre department’s 2018 spring play “Another Day, Another Test,” another student-written production that featured the Patriotic Pelican in a supporting role.

This time, the hero took center stage in a play filled with patriotic themes throughout, particularly focusing on “the freedom that America gives us,” Bowden said of the 16,000-word script.

Students in the play performed under the direction of Van Oss, while the backstage crew worked under technical director Michelle Freneaux Chaissang.

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