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Thirteen young artists pose with their freshly-painted unicorns following a painting class at the Arts Council of Livingston Parish on Saturday, Jan. 5. Pictured, front row from left, are Mia Curtis, Victoria Delaughter, Olivia Moise, Kinsley Vidrine, Kinsley Peak and Macie Peak. Pictured, back row from left, are, Harper Haydel, Molly Powell, Rylen Walker, Rhys Jantz, Camille Cummings, Liam Peak and Olivia Lovett.

DENHAM SPRINGS -- Children painted one of the most popular — and most imaginary — animals in the world last weekend at the Arts Council of Livingston Parish.

Under the guidance of instructor Shelly Frederick, a local artist who has led other ACLP classes in the past, children ages 6-12 spent the afternoon of Saturday, Jan. 5, painting unicorns — the majestic, magical creatures most known for the spiraling horn projecting from its forehead.

Using a variety of acrylic paints and small brushes, more than a dozen children painted the legendary creatures on canvas, with Frederick providing helpful pointers along the way.

The results were eye-popping.

Students spent roughly an hour bringing their unique imaginations to life, adding a color here and a color there to the white canvas until their unicorns were ready to take home.

Macie Peak and her cousin Kinsley Peak each gave their unicorns a golden horn, but Macie went with brown hair for her animal while Kinsley selected orange for hers. Most students gave their unicorns either golden or blue horns, except for Olivia Lovett, Victoria Delaughter and Kinsley Vidrine, who all used multiple colors for their rainbow-themed horns.

The Arts Council regularly hosts classes that cover a wide range of topics. To register for any class at the Arts Council, visit and select “Book a Class.”

In other Arts Council news, the organization is currently in the midst of its “Best of 2018” exhibit, which features the work of nearly a dozen local photographers who make up the Parish Photography League.

The exhibit will be open to the public Wednesday-Friday from 10 a.m. until noon and Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. The Arts Council of Livingston Parish is located at 133 Hummell Street in the Denham Springs Antique Village.

For more information, email or call (225) 664-1168.


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