Walker theatre camp

A young boy performs in Scene 9 of the “Actor’s Creation” summer camp production at South Walker Elementary on Friday, June 7.

WALKER -- A group of young performers worked on their acting chops last week.

They then got the chance to show them off in front of a live audience.

Approximately 35 children in grades 2-12 delighted their families and friends during the “Actor’s Creation” summer camp production at South Walker Elementary on Friday, June 7.

The Hollywood-themed production was broken up into nine skits in which actors portrayed a mystery-solving team of friends, a princess babysitter, a confused team of reporters, a daydreamer, and a “Men in Black” officer. There were many other humorous characters, and all had the audience rolling in laughter. 

Actors trained and performed under the direction of Fab Reno, a gifted/talented theater teacher in Livingston Parish who said this year’s enrollment “tripled” from the first camp two summers ago.

During the four-day camp, students learned the art of acting before concluding with a showcase for friends and family on the camp’s last night. Reno said the students also came up with many of their own skits for the production.

Reno has led other local acting camps and classes in the past, including at the Arts Council of Livingston Parish and at Walker Freshman High. Though some campers were in the parish’s gifted and talented program, Reno said there were others who had no stage experience prior to the camp, making Friday’s showcase their first public performance.

They broke a leg, she said.

“It’s a camp for them to create and collaborate and learn the ins and outs of theater,” Reno said. “Some were shy at the beginning, but not so much now.”

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