Livingston Parish Courthouse

Livingston Parish Courthouse

The spread of the novel coronavirus has caused changes over and over to certain services - including court.

The 21st Judicial District has not been immune to those changes, but June - and the announcements of Phase 1 and 2 - have allowed the courts to start scheduling more court appearances after many dates were either postponed or moved to Zoom conferences.

According to 21st Judicial District officials, both criminal and traffic court will be held in person, but will follow social distancing and mitigation guidelines. Only a certain number of people will be allowed in the courthouse at all times, and even fewer people will be allowed in each courtroom.

In order to make your visit as smooth as possible, the court asks the following:

  1. Bring a mask and be prepared to wear it for the entirety of your visit
  2. Upon arriving, visit - be sure to input your cell phone number, this is how they will communicate with you
  3. Leave your cell phone in your car once you have instructions
  4. Be aware of the courtroom you will be attending
  5. Be prepared to have your temperature taken at the door
  6. Do not bring guests or prepare them to wait outside

Those inmates who have court dates will continue to meet with judges via Zoom.

Some courts will continue their Zoom conferences as well, including some Civil Rules trials and Family Court proceedings. It is recommended by the court that you contact your attorney, check the court's website at, or call the court at 225-686-7461 to find out how your trial will be held.

All juvenile court hearings will continue via Zoom for month the June.

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