Albany school board member Devin Gregoire seeks re-election in Nov. 8 election

Albany School Board Member Devin Gregoire is seeking re-election in the Nov. 8 election. He is pictured with his family, left to right: Mya, Devin, Jolie, and Myrisa Gregoire.

Albany School Board Member Devin Gregoire has announced he is seeking re-election to the District 9 Seat of the Livingston Parish School Board to continue the positive changes he has helped to institute for area schools.

Gregoire, a conservative Republican, is touting his leadership in getting a new funding source for area schools, his effectiveness in completing important school system projects, and his unwavering support of local teachers and staff in promoting their needs in the parish-wide system.

He lists several accomplishments from his four-year term as a school board member:

Worked with local school system employees and the Albany community to pass a local sales tax to renovate and improve area schools;

Created a COVID “catch up” summer program to help students recover from learning loss due to school attendance restrictions;

Oversaw plans and timelines on projects to improve Albany’s schools, including a new parking lot for the high school and lower elementary; increased technology in the classroom; civil projects to fix flooding issues; increased security coverage in all schools; and new fields for softball;

Is the only board member to qualify as a Certified Board Member every year;

Fought against state mandated COVID restrictions;

Actively represented Livingston Parish in shaping state school policy (through BESE and LSBA events);

Advocated for greater pay raises for teachers and staff, for increased coaching stipends, and for increased parental rights;

Fought against CRT from being mandated instruction in the classrooms, and against other inappropriate content in the curriculum.

“I am excited about the positive changes we’re seeing in our Albany schools, along with increased investments in our people, our facilities and in better programs and instruction for our students,” Gregoire said. “I am committed to continuing this progress and to doing all I can to make our schools some of the top-performing in our parish.”

Gregoire notes that teaching is a strong component of his family’s make-up. His mother taught second grade in Tangipahoa for several years, his brother is currently a media teacher at Mandeville High School, and his wife, Jolie, has worked in the Livingston Parish School System for 26 years, with 21 of them at Albany Middle School. She is currently an instructional technology facilitator for the district, working with 15 schools to integrate more STEM learning into their daily lesson plans.

Gregoire and his wife have been married for 25 years, and they have two daughters: Mya, a junior at Albany High School, and Myrisa, a junior at Southeastern Louisiana University.

Gregoire currently works as an IT management consultant for several firms across the Gulf South Region and internationally. He previously worked in the construction industry and taught classes for Baton Rouge Community College and Associated Builders and Contractors and served as a contract tutor for Southeastern Louisiana University. He also has served as a substitute teacher in the Albany schools.

“The love for education is what led me to run for this school board seat, and it’s what makes me want to continue to serve,” Gregoire said.

“I am asking the voters of the Albany School District to allow me to continue the job we started four years ago, of making our schools better and our students better able to compete. I humbly ask for your vote on November 8,” Gregoire said.

(This article was submitted by the campaign for Devin Gregoire.)

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