Livingston Parish Assessor Jeff Taylor

Livingston Parish Assessor Jeff Taylor

Ascension Parish Assessor Mert Smiley and Livingston Parish Assessor Jeff Taylor announced today they are launching a new homestead exemption form that can be completed online.

This joint effort between the Ascension and Livingston parish assessors' offices will allow qualifying homeowners to fill out and submit the form in a timely manner in order to receive the $75,000 property assessment exemption. Only one homestead exemption is allowed per homeowner, and the property must be owned and occupied by the filer.

"The homestead exemption form is typically completed in person and in the assessor's office," said Taylor. "Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we have worked to make this form available online and upgrade verification tools to ensure there are no double- homesteads.”

"We are excited to offer this important form online," Smiley said. "Using this new technology, we will keep our community and employees safer and ensure we are not issuing double-homestead exemptions."

To access the new form in Ascension parish, visit To access the new form in Livingston parish, visit

Both parish offices are utilizing Assessure, a software-based tool used to verify all applications and to ensure no double-homesteads are issued.

Assessors across Louisiana are currently performing regularly scheduled reassessments on all properties in their parishes. These assessments determine the value of each property parcel in the respective parishes. Properties that do not qualify for homestead exemption are assessed at 100% of value and do not receive the $75,000 homestead reduction on property assessments.

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