Killian Alderman Blaine LeMaire

KILLIAN - Killian alderman Blaine LeMaire is being investigated by the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office related to use of the town’s Tax ID number for a personal purchase.

According to a release from LPSO spokeswoman Lori Steele, a complaint was received regarding the allegations against LeMaire.

“Through investigation, we have found an unauthorized online purchase from Home Depot on a washing machine,” the release said. “The subject used the town’s Tax ID # (sic) – avoiding having to pay sales taxes. That washing machine was located at the Alderman’s home for personal use.”

LeMaire is wanted for two felony charges – Malfeasance in Office and Computer Fraud – as well as a misdemeanor charge of Theft.

LeMaire was supposed to turn himself in Friday, October 4, but failed to do so, according to the LPSO.

Anyone with information on this case is encouraged to call LPSO at 225-686-2241 ext. 1 or Greater Baton Rouge Crime Stoppers at 225-344-STOP (7867)

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Wondering if he was starting up a side business, needs to do the right thing and pay it back. Never to use public money for private use, politics 101.


Just curious if vehicles that are purchased by the town, state etc used for personal use the same principal apply?


It's not permitted to utilize municipal vehicles for 'personal use' but it's perfectly acceptable for municipal officials to use said vehicles for official Town business...such as attending LMA conventions,municipal training programs and local/regional meetings focusing on 'municipal business'...I suggest you contact the Louisiana Municipal Assc. IF you have direct knowledge of any mis-use of Town vehicles !

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