Parish Council Chairman Shane Mack (District 9)

Parish Council Chairman Shane Mack (District 9)

LIVINGSTON PARISH - After reading each call for election, the parish council then had to give the citizens of the parish 30 days to read over the renewal propositions that would go on the spring ballot.

Those propositions included a renewal of a one-cent sales tax, 25% of which go to the detention center and 75% to the Department of Public Works for roads; as well as renewal a 5-mill property tax for roads; and a renewal 10-mill property tax for the library.

The library tax passed by a 63% 'Yes' vote and expires in 2024.

A 7-2 vote removed that discussion (and potential call for election), set for October 10th, and possibly further according to councilman Garry 'Frog' Talbert.

"We want this on a ballot that will have a good turnout, which is the fall ballot with a presidential election (in 2020)," Talbert said. "We want the voice of the people to be heard."

According to parish council attorney Chris Moody, there will still be time to get the measures on the spring ballot if the council so chooses.

The votes ran:


  1. Talbert (District 2)
  2. Keen (District 3)
  3. Girlinghouse (District 7)
  4. Ard (District 1)
  5. Averette (District 6)
  6. Lobell (District 8)
  7. Harris (District 5)


  1. Mack (District 9)
  2. Wascom (District 4)

The initial motion to remove was made by councilman Jeff Ard (District 1) and seconded by Tracy Girlinghouse (District 7). That motion, for it to be 'fully removed' from the October 10 agenda could not pass since chairman Shane Mack had already read the introduction.

However, the motion to rescind the discussion and eventual call for election did pass.

Mack led a passionate speech, while waving his gavel, saying that the people deserve a chance to speak on the issue and that any chance to re-dedicate funds may be lost.

The group who voted 'nae' agreed with Mack, saying that's why the group voted to move it to the, historically, more populated voting period than any spring election. The mosquito election in spring of 2019 attracted 13% of the voters - the presidential election in 2016 had nearly 82% in Livingston Parish.

The Livingston Parish News Morning Show - August 20, 2019!

Talbert expressed on the Livingston Parish News Morning Show. and subsequent podcast, that he would not support the road tax in its current form.

Parish Councilman Garry Talbert in Conversation

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