Ice Storm 2021

Ice covers the tops of trees and gravel in Denham Springs during a winter storm event on Monday, Feb. 15, 2021.

Dozens of roads in Livingston parish remain closed or affected from Monday’s ice storm that swept through south Louisiana and knocked out power for thousands.

The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office released an updated list of road closures Tuesday morning and urged people to avoid traveling if possible. 

Though the dusk-to-dawn curfew has been lifted, Livingston Parish remains under a state of emergency.

“If you don’t have to be out, please stay off of the roadways,” read an LPSO social media post. “We are continuing to work with our partners to address several issues across the parish.”

Below are the road closures at this point, from the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office.

City of Denham Springs

-- North Range Avenue / Yellowjacket Avenue (Tree down. DOTD notified.)

-- Tate Road / Highway 16 (Tree down. DOTD notified.)

-- Elmer Street / Carol Sue Street (Barricades up)

-- Robbie Street / Sharon Street (Tree limb blocking part of roadway)

-- Mattie Street / 3rd Street (Power line down. Entergy notified.)

-- Juban Road Overpass (Ice on turn lanes.)

West Side of Livingston Parish

-- Fore Road (Tree down. DOTD notified.)

-- Lockhart (Railroad crossing arms are down and flashing. Canadian National notified.)

-- Pine Ridge (Lines down/broken power pole.)

- Highway 1019/Highway 16 (Ice.)

- Gaylord Road between Stacey & Hartman (Tree down and closed. Barricades out.)

- Cane Market (14 mile west of Perkins) (Ice. DOTD notified.)

- Joel Ott (Power line down. DEMCO notified.)

- Whitley Road (Tree down. DPW notified.)

- Brashears Dr. off Springfield Rd. - Line down. Demco notified.

- Bend Road (Tree limbs down. DOTD notified.)

- Bend Road (Ice, tree down, limb suspended on power line. DEMCO & DOTD notified.)

- Bend Road (Power line broken & in the yard. Lines are down. DEMCO notified.)

- Bend Road (Tree down. DOTD notified.)

- Bend Road (Sand. DOTD notified for several places.)

- Sims Road, E/B lane blocked (Tree limbs down. DPW notified.)

-- Sims Road / East of Nan Wesley Road (Tree debris / ice for 200-300 ft. DPW notified.)

-- Sims Road (Tree debris/ ice. DPW notified.)

-- Fore Road (Tree limb & tree branches tangled in power lines. DPW notified.)

East Side of the parish

-- Jacob Street (Low hanging lines. Demco notified. AP1 barricaded.)

-- Highway 40 east of Horseshoe (Lines down. Entergy notified. LSP, AASI and LOHSEP notified.)

-- Highway 442 (Tree down. DOTD, AASI, LSP, & LOHSEP notified.)

-- Highway 442 / Highway 1063 (West of Highway 1063) (Tree down. DOTD, LSP, AASI, LOHSEP notified of total road blockage. DOTD notified for signage due to ice/slush on roadway.)

-- French Settlement Bridge (icing over but still driveable)

-- Tickfaw River Bridge (closed by DOTD)

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