Walker City Hall ribbon cutting

As property owners in the City of Walker contemplate clean up and repairs following recent disaster damage from Hurricane Ida, the City of Walker is reminding residents to obtaining local permits before repairing or rebuilding damaged structures.

The permits are required as part of local government participation in the National Flood Insurance Program, providing eligibility for flood insurance, flood disaster assistance, state and federal grants and loans, and buyout funds for flood-prone property.

If the homeowner hires a contractor, the contractor must be licensed with the State of Louisiana Contracting Board and also licensed with the City of Walker and should be the one to obtain the permit. If the homeowner chooses to do the work on their own home, then they must be the one to get the permit and will be responsible for the work being done to their home. You must call the City of Walker Permit Department for an inspection at the appropriate stage of construction and upon completion.

Special conditions apply to substantially damaged buildings including the repair or reconstruction of structures damaged by any source - those in which the total cost of repairs is 50 percent or more of the structure’s pre-damaged market value. If a building is found to be substantially damaged, regulations require that repairs not begin until compliance with the local floodplain ordinance is demonstrated. In some cases, that may require repairs that include elevating or flood-proofing the structure to reduce the potential for future flood damage.

Property owners and residents with damaged buildings should contact the City of Walker Permit Office located at 13600 Aydell Lane, at 225-665-8893 for more information on repair and reconstruction permits. There will be no charge for a hurricane damage permit.

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