Miller's Creek mucking

Backhoes from Gravity Drainage District 1 muck and clean Miller's Creek in Denham Springs.

DENHAM SPRINGS - The city and its cooperative endeavor partner are looking for resident's input.

The city released a survey in tandem with Gravity Drainage District 1 which provides a series of questions to answer regarding drainage inside the city limits.

Drainage survey

The survey is for Denham Springs residents only.

Initially, the questions are quite simple and include age, gender, address, and the flood zone of one's property.

The questions steadily get more complex, however, asking residents what their opinion is on delivery of stormwater and drainage information, as well as whether or not a resident has a stormwater retention plan in place on their property.

Multiple-choice questions are:

  • Do you know the difference in riverine flooding and flash flooding?
  • Which of the following do you feel are most important to address in regards to Stormwater & Flood Risk Reduction Survey? (Pick your Top THREE choices)
  • What changes to Land Development regulations do you feel could help reduce flood impacts in our city? (Pick the top two categories below)
  • What would you like to learn more about relating to flood risk, flood safety, flood insurance or the community rating system (CRS)?
  • Have you visited City Hall, our website or the Denham Springs-Walker Branch Library for information about flood risk, flood safety, flood insurance or the community rating system (CRS)?
  • Please let us know if you are already doing certain things to help manage Storm-water runoff on your property? (Choose all that may apply)
  • When there is heavy rain, are you unable to get to work due to flooded roads in your neighborhood?
  • Which do you feel is the best way to share flood protection information with residents? (Check up to 2)

Denham Springs and Gravity Drainage District 1 signed a cooperative endeavor agreement after the Great Flood of 2016. Both parties realized in the wake of the disaster that they could help each other - the city did not have the funds to manage all of their drainage appropriately, while the district needed access to the city's piece of the district's drainage puzzle.

To answer the survey, follow this link or check out the Drainage District's Facebook page.

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Every ditch probably needs to be dugout from silting. Every culvert cleaned and or reset to grade. Now when is someone going to address the need for NEW canals to be built? The existing ones can’t handle the rainfall if population and commercial growth is factored in. Highways are built bigger as traffic increases, why not canals? Why not make use of the river and direct more water to it in the city?


Are you kidding me? Your suggestions make WAY too much sense so they will NOT be considered.

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