French Settlement bridge

FRENCH SETTLEMENT - Christmas is coming early for a project in southern Livingston Parish.

DOTD announced Monday that the new 'French Settlement Bridge,' just south of town on highway 16 which spans the Amite River, will be let out for bid in November. Initially, the bidding process was expected to be let in either the first or second quarter, 2020.

Now, that is the anticipated beginning of construction date.

Construction on the $21.3 million project will take two to three years.

Depending on utility relocation, construction could begin in the first half of 2020 and will take two to three years to complete, the DOTD release said. The roadway is currently not anticipated to be closed during construction. The new bridge crossing will be on a slightly offset alignment (about 50 ft. to the west) so the existing roadway and bridge can maintain traffic during construction.


The decision was based on the bridge condition, posting-load limits, and effort required to open the bridge to marine traffic, the department said in a press release.

The current bridge is a swing-span bridge with approximately 15 feet of vertical clearance, while the proposed new bridge will be a fixed bridge with approximately 31 feet of vertical clearance.
Ground vibrations near structures adjacent to the pile driving will be monitored in accordance with DOTD standard specifications. If during the course of pile driving, vibrations exceed established limits, pile driving will be stopped and evaluated to determine what measures are necessary to reduce vibrations.

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