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An aeral view of the Walker roundabout at Interstate 12 ishows the change in the exit ramp from I-12 east for traffic going south on Walker South Road. The white lines show where the ramp is now.

Opinions are not hard to come by with regard to the roundabouts in Walker.

The traffic implements were installed by DOTD as a means to help traffic flow onto, and off of, I-12 and Highway 447.

As of August 2018, the Livingston Parish News found through an interview with the Walker Police Department that the roundabouts were experiencing an accident once every two days. 

Since 2018, DOTD has made adjustments to lighting, lanes, striping, and signage to try and make the intersection more easy to navigate - including, also, lowering the speed limit.

In a response to those changes, DOTD has released a survey for Walker-area residents to complete, describing their experience with the roundabouts and I-12 crossing.

Residents and commuters who use the roundabout can find it here ----->

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BRX Master

The new "roundabout" located @ Interstate 12 & Hwy 447 (Walker South Rd.) has helped tremendously. Traffic is still heavy at this Intersection, but now that people are getting use to the new "roundabout", traffic is moving quicker. This is working great, but only serves as a "short term" solution at this Intersection.

Walker "has" been ready for a 2nd "exit" off Interstate 12 for several years now.

We will take what we can get for now!

The same applies to the Denham Springs exit. Denham Springs is long overdue for a 3rd exit point off the Interestate. Infact, when the Juban exit was being built, they should have been building this 3rd exit for Denham Springs at the same time.

What has been so far is "GREAT"!

Our Parish continues to grow at an alarming rate! New traffic that has moved into the area needs more access/exit points off the Interstate now!

Thanks for your time, DJH

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