Sheriff Jason Ard sworn in for third term

Judge Elizabeth 'Beth' Wolfe, seen here at Jason Ard's swearing in, was elected to the 1st Circuit Court of Appeal.

2020 has produced some strange circumstances - especially COVID-19.

As part of the coronavirus election plan, the state offered extended early voting periods as well as COVID-safe election sites. The extended early voting only produced 5,418 voters, but not unexpected for a typically low attended spring voting period.

Originally, the elections were to occur in March wherein both parties would participate in their presidential primaries; executive committee selections; and throw in a race for Albany Police Chief and 1st Circuit Court of Appeals for good measure.

Instead, they happened on an oppressively hot July 11. Turnout for the election ranged from 9% to 22% for the republican primary - which was won, handily, both in Livingston Parish and statewide by Donald Trump. Trump had accrued 96% (188,038) of the vote statewide by the 11 p.m. hour, and is expected to be the Republican nominee.

In Livingston Parish, Trump received 8,619 votes on 22.9% turnout - good for 97% of votes cast between the election day and early voting.

Biden, on the other hand, accrued 79% (180,910) of the Democratic vote statewide in the election. While the votes had not been finalized as of press time, unofficial turnout was expected be to be roughly 18%.

Biden received 1,839 votes in Livingston Parish on 15.1% turnout, good for 62% of votes cast between the election day and early voting.

Nationally, it is anticipated that those will be the two party front runners heading into the fall election.

In a multi-parish race for First Circuit Court of Appeals, Livingston Parish's own Elizabeth 'Beth' Wolfe won the race against St. Tammany's Rick Swartz. Wolfe jumped out to an immediate lead in early voting, and never relinquished in route to a 55% - 45% win (40,762 - 32,964) district wide, on 18.4% turnout.

In Livingston Parish, Wolfe carried her home easily 72% - 28% (10,201 - 3,987). The win leaves two seats open in for the 21st Judicial Court bench in the fall.

Also locally, the Town of Albany showed up with 50% turnout on their Chief of Police race, with Boyd Wild (R) claiming the position 77% - 23% (333 - 99) against Ronnie Gregoire (D).

Both committee elections were a 'Best five out of six' vote, meaning one person went home, and while the Democratic Party Executive Committee (DPEC) was clear-cut - the Republican Party Executive Committee (RPEC) vote was decided by 1%.

(RPEC - winners in bold)

4,785 Derek Babcock (REP) 17%

4,299 Edith Carlin (REP) 15%

4,382 Jonathan Rhett Davis (REP) 16%

5,283 Mickey McMorris (REP) 19%

4,440 Robert W. "Bob" Morgan (REP) 16%

4,740 Joe Shumate (REP) 17%

Total: 27,929

Unofficial Turnout: 14.4%

(DPEC - winners in bold)

1,761 Lori Callais (DEM) 19%

1,179 Daniel Carpenter (DEM) 13%

1,570 Kathleen Dawkins (DEM) 17%

1,442 Lynda Ingram (DEM) 16%

1,890 Sarah "Scott" Landry (DEM) 21%

1,370 Robin Parrott (DEM) 15%

Total: 9,212

Unofficial turnout: 9.4%

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