Tropical Barry preparation

Denham Springs softball players help distribute sandbags at the Denham Springs Police Department Thursday afternoon, July 11.

Residents are beginning final preparations as Barry nears the Louisiana coast.

As of the 10 a.m. update, Barry had sustained winds of 65 miles per hour and was moving toward the coast slowly, at about 5 miles per hour, and picking up strength as it does.

The current path models have Barry's eye passing through the Acadiana areas, near Lafayette, leaving the eastern eye wall and majority of rains for Baton Rouge and Livingston Parish — anywhere from 10" - 20", with isolated pockets of 25"+ possible. The parish is currently under a storm surge and flash flood warning.

If you see drainage issues, or need assistance once the disaster has started, please contact the following numbers:

Denham Springs Emergency Operations - 225-665-5106, Ext. 231

Walker Emergency Operations - 225-665-2467

Gravity Drainage District 1 - 225-664-5827

Parish Emergency Operations - 225-686-3996

Those numbers will be monitored 24/7.

Sand and sandbag locations

  • Fire District 2: Station 1 at 32280 Terry Street, Springfield
  • Fire District 2: Station 2 at 31447 Hwy. 22, Killian
  • Fire District 2: Station 5 at 25389 Hutchinson CC Road, Springfield
  • Fire District 3: Station 1 at 930 Government Street in Denham Springs
  • Fire District 4: Station 1 at 29758 Palmetto Street, Denham Springs
  • Fire District 10: Station 1 at 30928 Hwy. 441, Holden
  • Fire District 11: Station 1 at 33815 Hwy. 43 (old 4th Ward School), Albany
  • Fire District 9: Station 1 at 23634 Hwy. 22, Maurepas
  • Fire District 9: Station 2 at 20368 Hwy. 22, Maurepas
  • Port Vincent Community Center: 18235 Hwy. 16
  • Fire District 8: Station 1 at 15160 Hwy. 16, French Settlement
  • Fire District 1: Station 1 at 29778 Hwy. 43, Albany
  • Town of Livingston: 20550 Circle Drive behind town hall
  • Fire District 4: Station 2 at 35455 Walker N. Road, Walker

The Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness lists several items that are "essential" for hurricane and disaster preparedness, including:

  • Bread
  • Water
  • Non-perishable and canned foods
  • Batteries
  • Gas for generators, if applicable, as well as topping off car tanks
  • First aid tools

Local officials also urge residents to monitor their ditches, culverts, storm drains, and nearby canals and creeks for debris and blockages. If you cannot safely remove the debris or issue, please contact one of the numbers above.

Please clean up all trash and place in garbage cans, as well as anything that could be blown away by high ends or swept away by high water. These items have a chance to block local drainage outlets, which exacerbates flash flooding.

Local rivers and creeks are currently low, but 48-hour forecasts shifted at 10 a.m. to show 20-30% increases and, in some cases, well over flood stage. Local officials urge residents to be prepared for flash flooding and possible river flooding Saturday evening into Sunday.

The school system opened up three parking lots at schools that did not flood in 2016 — Gray’s Creek Elementary, located at the intersection of La. 1033 and La. 16, south of Denham Springs; and the two Juban Parc schools, located are on Brown Road, southeast of Denham Springs.

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