Livingston Parish Public Schools

Livingston Parish Public Schools

As Livingston Parish continues to recover from the destruction of Hurricane Ida, five more local schools will be able to reopen on Monday, Sept. 13, according to Superintendent Joe Murphy.

The Livingston Parish schools that will reopen Monday include the CABS Center, Holden School, French Settlement Elementary, French Settlement High School, and Frost School.

Employees for those five sites will return to work on Friday, Sept. 10.

Earlier this week, Murphy announced that 36 of the district’s 49 school sites — around 80 percent of the district’s 26,000-plus students — would reopen on Friday, with staff at those schools returning to work by Thursday.

To reopen, Murphy said schools must have “clean water and basic Internet and phone service, and that the busses servicing those schools have safe and accessible routes.”

“Thanks to the efforts of so many to secure our campuses and restore power, water and connectivity to our sites, we will be able to open five additional schools on Monday,” Murphy said in a statement Thursday. “This is in addition to the 36 sites that open tomorrow.

“All totaled, we expect 41 [of] our 49 campuses to be reopened to our students by Monday.”

Meanwhile, schools in Albany, Maurepas, and Springfield — among the hardest-hit areas in Livingston Parish — remain closed without a scheduled date for reopening. Murphy said the eight schools in those communities are still without power and communication services, “as is the case for much of the residential dwellings in those areas.”

Murphy noted that 79 guardsmen and women with the 276 National Guard Engineering Company are still being housed in the Albany High School gymnasium.

With school restarting Friday, the superintendent asked caution parents to be patient with the district’s bus drivers who will begin navigating the parish’s debris-cluttered roads.

He noted that many routes have “tree limbs and stacked wood and downed wires and poles.” These obstacles “may result in delays in bus stops being temporarily relocated until the debris can be removed and work is completed on the power and cable lines,” Murphy said. 

“We’re asking our parents to be patient and to work with our bus drivers to keep our children safe,” Murphy said, adding that parents can contact their bus drivers if they have any questions about the stop locations and times. He also asked families who have relocated because of the storm to contact their bus drivers and inform them of the change.

“We know this is a challenging time for all our families as so many continue to struggle with the damage caused by Hurricane Ida,” Murphy said. “We ask for continued support and prayers as we work together to safely put our communities back together and rise above the obstacles in our way.”

“Livingston Parish people have proven over time to be caring, generous, tenacious, and resilient. This challenge has only proven that to be true again. We will overcome together.”

Below is a list of schools that will reopen Friday, Sept. 10:

-- Denham Springs High School

-- Denham Springs Freshmen

-- Denham Springs Junior

-- Denham Springs Elementary

-- Denham Springs STEM and Robotics Center

-- Doyle High

-- Doyle Elementary

-- Eastside Elementary

-- Freshwater Elementary

-- Gray’s Creek Elementary

-- Juban Parc Junior High

-- Juban Parc Elementary

-- Levi Milton Elementary

-- Lewis Vincent Elementary

-- LPLTC Virtual

-- Livingston Virtual

-- Live Oak High School

-- Live Oak Junior High

-- Live Oak Middle

-- Live Oak Elementary

-- North Corbin Junior High

-- North Corbin Elementary

-- North Live Oak Elementary

-- Northside Elementary

-- Pathways/Adult Ed/ ELEC

-- Pine Ridge

-- Seventh Ward Elementary

-- South Fork Elementary

-- South Live Oak Elementary

-- South Walker Elementary

-- Southside Elementary

-- Southside Junior High

-- Walker High

-- Walker Junior High

-- Walker Elementary

-- Westside Junior High

Below is a list of schools that will reopen Monday, Sept. 13:

-- CABS Center

-- Holden

-- French Settlement Elementary

-- French Settlement High

-- Frost School

Below is a list of schools that will remain closed:

-- Albany High School

-- Albany Lower Elementary

-- Albany Middle School

-- Albany Upper Elementary

-- Maurepas School

-- Springfield Elementary

-- Springfield Middle School

-- Springfield High School

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