Press Conference at LPN (copy)

Sen. John Kennedy (R)

Sens. John Kennedy (R-La.) today sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr asking the Department of Justice to prosecute individuals who deface or dismantle public monuments or statues to the fullest extent of the law.

“The rising ‘cancel culture’ movement is fundamentally coercive. . . . Given the present danger the mob poses to individual Americans, common sense, and common decency, I call upon you to vigorously prosecute all those who have appropriated the banner of peaceful protest to carry out violent illegal acts,” wrote Kennedy.

Citing President James Madison’s warning against the destructive nature of mob rule, Kennedy continued, “That is precisely why America’s system of government is wedded to various checks and balances and a broad division of power: so the impassioned few cannot override the reasonable majority. This is also why any justice system worth its salt has consequences for criminal actions.”

“If you feel these and other laws already in existence do not provide adequate legal authority to bring justice to these criminals and their victims, I would be glad to introduce legislation to solve that problem. If we care about America’s next generation, we cannot let violent criminal actions go unpunished. What we allow today is what will continue tomorrow,” Kennedy concluded.

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