Louisiana Department of Health

The Louisiana Department of Health has closed the seven nursing homes that evacuated residents to Tangipahoa Parish on Friday, Aug. 27, ahead of Hurricane Ida.

In a statement, LDH officials said they now confirmed seven deaths among the nursing home residents who were brought to the Independence facility, five of which have been classified as storm-related.

“What happened in Independence is reprehensible, and I know there are many families hurting as a result,” said LDH Secretary Dr. Courtney N. Phillips in a statement. “Today’s action against these facilities is needed.

“There is more to come. Our Department’s mission is to advance the health and wellbeing of our residents — and that includes our vulnerable nursing home residents.”

The seven facilities that evacuated patients to the Independence facility include:

-- River Palms Nursing and Rehab, Orleans Parish

-- South Lafourche Nursing and Rehab, Lafourche Parish

-- Maison Orleans Healthcare Center, Orleans Parish

-- Park Place Healthcare Nursing Home, Jefferson Parish

-- West Jefferson Health Care Center, Jefferson Parish

-- Maison DeVille Nursing Home, Terrebonne Parish

-- Maison DeVille Nursing Home of Harvey, Jefferson Parish

“The lack of regard for these vulnerable residents' wellbeing is an affront to human dignity. We have lost trust in these nursing homes to provide adequate care for their residents. We are taking immediate action today to protect public health,” said Dr. Joseph Kanter, Louisiana’s state health officer, in a statement.

LDH inspectors visited the site after hearing reports of deteriorating conditions at the facility after Hurricane Ida made landfall, but they were quickly expelled from the property “and prevented from conducting a full assessment on Tuesday.”

In addition, LDH team members said they were "subject to intimidation" by the owner of the seven nursing facilities.

With help from multiple state agencies and local officials, LDH began evacuating nursing home residents on Wednesday, starting with the most vulnerable, and by end of day had rescued the vast majority.

By Thursday, all nursing home residents — more than 800 — had been evacuated from the facility.

Individuals looking for loved ones evacuated from one of the seven nursing homes should call 211, which is coordinating with LDH’s Office of Aging and Adult Services which directly helps to connect families.

Since standing up the hotline via 211, LDH has connected with more than 200 families of nursing home residents who evacuated to the Independence facility. LDH officials said they are proactively reaching out to families of nursing home residents.

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The owner of these homes should be hung outside by his testicles in the next hurricane. I can’t believe anybody can be this heartless. This is truly heartbreaking


The head of this snake is Bob Dean, Jr. Google him! He is a very wealthy BR "business man" and developer. One of his many corps. also owns the subject warehouse property. His nursing homes have always had poor reviews and these residents were and are only cattle to him. He sucked their SS income dry in return for being treated like animals. I hope he rots a slow death in the hot place referenced in the the Bible. This is an atrocity no better than Hitler's death camps. No pity.


Additional interesting note...Bob G. Dean, Jr., the head of this snake, is a Member, per LA SOS, of "The Advocate, LLC", and "The State Times, LLC". Hoping for absolute transparency.

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