First Day of School 2021-22

A school bus waits to unload students on the first day of the 2021-22 school year on Wednesday, Aug. 11, 2021.

A professional development day scheduled for Sept. 22 will now be a regular school day, the only change to the Livingston Parish Public Schools’ calendar following more than a week of closures due to Hurricane Ida.

Superintendent Joe Murphy made the announcement Tuesday, adding that interim grade reports will be sent out later than originally scheduled. Parents can expect the reports on Monday, Sept. 20.

Murphy also noted that the district will maintain the “Fair Day” holiday on Friday, Oct. 8, despite the Livingston Parish Fair’s recent cancellation because of storm damage to the area.

At the moment, the district is not taking away any scheduled school holidays or adding any days to the existing schedule, other than the Sept. 22 day.

“We may have to make adjustments later in the year, or we may see time added to some schools to assist them in making up class time missed, but we are not at that decision point yet,” Murphy said.

Murphy said school officials build in extra days into the school calendar each year to account for weather-related closures.

“We just have to see how the parish’s recovery continues to progress and if any other issues arise,” he said. “We want to be sure that our students receive what they need, but without creating added hardships on our families.”

Thirty-six of the district’s 49 campuses welcomed students back to school on Friday, representing about 80 percent of the parish’s total enrollment and limiting those schools’ closure time to eight days.

Another five — CABS Center, Holden School, French Settlement Elementary, French Settlement High School, and Frost School — reopened Monday, with students at those schools missing nine days.

Schools in Albany welcomed students back to class on Tuesday, bringing their closures to an end after 10 days. Springfield schools are scheduled to reopen on Wednesday, meaning they will have missed 11 days.

Only Maurepas School will remain closed after tomorrow, as the campus continues to be without power.

On Monday, Murphy said the district is “anxiously awaiting” word on when power will be restored to Maurepas School and that an announcement on the school's reopening will come “as soon as possible.”

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