Heat Advisory graphic

Limit outdoor activities, drink plenty of water, wear light clothing, wear sunscreen, and work outdoors early or very late in the day (if able).

The National Weather Service (NWS), as well as News partner broud.com expect the warm temperatures that have dominated south Louisiana to continue.

Highs of 97 degrees are forecast through Wednesday, when some afternoon rains will drop the high to 94 on Thursday. The afternoon rains, as well as high temperatures, will continue into next weekend.

Heat indexes have the temperatures in the mid-100s.

Local officials and the National Weather Service recommend the following precautions during the week:

  • Limit outdoor activities
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Wear light clothing
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Limit outdoor work to very early or very late in the day, if able

There is a 0% and 10% chance of rain Monday and Tuesday, respectively, with the change growing to 40% Wednesday. The NWS also expects a tropical event to form in the Gulf some time later in the week.

The tropical event's effect on Louisiana will not be known until when, or if, it forms.

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