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A Facebook post shared Monday changed the situation for residents of the Walker area.

Michael Lauraine, presumably a Walker resident, posted a picture of a Nile Monitor Lizard stating that it was his, but his mother threw the lizard out because she was "hateful."

Lauraine alluded to a fight between he and his mother.

Lauraine asked residents to be on the look out for the lizard but not to approach it, as it may react 'out of fear,' suggesting the reptile is dangerous. He said the lizard is currently anywhere from two to three feet in length.

"He is scared and he is very fast and can be dangerous the sooner I have him back the better," Lauraine said in the post. "He's only going to grow faster and faster so don't brush this (situation) aside this is important.

"Do the research," he concluded.

Nile monitors can live up to 20 years in captivity. They are the largest lizard species in Africa and can attain lengths of about 6.5 feet and weigh up to 17.8 pounds, although a typical adult averages 5 feet in length and weighs close to 15 pounds.

Lauraine clarified that the animal was legal.

The Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office as well as the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries are working together on the case. If you have any information on the case or the whereabouts of the animal, call 911 or the sheriff directly at (225) 686-2241 ext. 1.

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How are we suppose to " be on the lookout" if we don't know where it as released? I am so sorry this happened, I've had bearded dragons and it take a special person to care for these type pets!!

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