First Day 2020-21

A teacher checks the temperature of a student on the first day of the 2020-21 school year on Friday, Aug. 7, 2020.

More than 150 students and employees in the Livingston Parish Public Schools system are in quarantine less than a week into the 2020-21 school year, according to multiple reports.

The school district released a statement to media outlets Tuesday night saying that students and employees were placed under quarantine after people tested positive for the novel coronavirus or perhaps came into “close contact” with someone who did.

According to the statement, which has been shared by WVLA NBC Local 33, there are 141 students in quarantine. The statement said, “these students may have been quarantined out of close contact. The district does not have a count on those testing positive. Some of these students may have not yet attended school this year.”

As of Tuesday, the district was reporting 26,183 students.

According to the statement shared by WVLA NBC Local 33, the school system currently has 17 employees on COVID-19 leave. This includes 12 certified personnel and five classified employees.

Certified personnel includes degreed persons such as teachers, while classified personnel includes non-degreed personnel such as paras, tutors, school food service workers, bus drivers, and custodians.

Of those 17 employees, there were seven positive tests and 10 “close contacts,” the statement said. Nine of the 17 employees will return by Monday, Aug. 17.

The school system has one special education class under quarantine, made up of one teacher, three para-professionals, and six students. There was one positive test among the class, and the remainder were quarantined as close contacts as directed by the Regional Medical Director, the statement said.

The district noted that this school was not North Corbin Elementary, which was listed in several posts on social media. No other classes shut down parish-wide, the statement said. 

The length of all quarantines is in compliance with Louisiana Department of Health guidelines.

The Livingston Parish Public Schools system is currently in Phase Two of its reopening plan, which features a mixture of online and in-person learning depending on the grade level.

To read the full statement shared by WVLA NBC Local 33, click here.

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