Livingston Parish Detention Center (copy)

Livingston Parish Detention Center

Around 70 inmates in the Livingston Parish Work Release program have been transferred to the detention center to make room for linemen trying to restore power to the area, Sheriff Jason Ard said.

Ard said the inmates did nothing wrong and that the move was necessary to house and feed around 150 power workers trying to restore areas in the parish.

The work release program is located on Woodside Drive in Walker, where the linemen are now working out of.

“They (the inmates) didn’t do anything wrong, but we had to change plans because it’s very important we get power,” Ard said. “Any resources we have here at the sheriff’s office, we’re gonna give it up to get y’all electricity and the things y’all need.”

The detention center was running on generator power for much of this week, but as of Friday power was restored, Ard said. Earlier this week, Ard said the detention center, located in the Town of Livingston, had “everything that is needed,” including water and sewer.

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These linemen deserve 5 star hotels but I know they are happy with just somewhere to lay their heads for a couple of hours. Thank you to all of them. Remember to give them a thank you if you see them, a wave and a smile. And if you have some offer them a cold drink and a snack.

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