Tropical Storm Sally 1

Tropical Storm Sally is expected to continue to the northwest through the rest of the weekend and into early next week. This system has the potential to impact the area - including heavy rainfall leading to flash flooding, gusty winds, and higher than normal tides including minor coastal flooding. Confidence on exact impacts will become more clear later this weekend so stay tuned.

As is indicative of the year 2020's theme, hurricane season remains active with a new storm on the horizon.

Tropical Storm Sally has officially formed in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, just off the coast of Florida. The storm is expected to move westward over the gulf and pick up power including moisture for rain, and heavy winds.

Sally is slow moving and will impact southeastern Louisiana and southern Mississippi with rains, wind, and coastal surge. Livingston Parish will have to prepare for Lake Maurepas to rise during that time, depending on area of landfall.

Right now models show a cone of uncertainty for landfall somewhere between New Orleans, LA and Mobile, AL. The storm is expected to reach hurricane strength Monday evening, somewhere off the cost of Mississippi and Louisiana.

The National Weather Service of New Orleans is warning of the storm's speed, stating that the slow-moving weather event could drop upwards of 15 - 20" of rain hot spots throughout the affected areas.

Local officials are asking residents to be prepared for both heavy rains and storm surge. Turn around, and don't drown will apply to driving in high water areas subject to flash flooding.

Officials are also reminding residents to pick up trash and debris in their yards and that they can safely remove from public areas. Trash can block ditches, culverts, drains, and gather in other public drainage methods to cause flash flooding where it might not otherwise occur.

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