Barry flash flood 4 pm

With Tropical Storm Barry now formed, the path is trying to be determined.

Current models have the storm passing just west of Baton Rouge, which sets the eastern eye wall over Livingston Parish - along with most of the rain. According to the early reports, the eastern portion of the storm would contain the most rains with isolated pockets of 20 inches or more.

Wherever Barry strikes, the eastern portion of the storm will contain the most rain. Officials and weather outlets are predicting anywhere from 15" to 20" of rain in those areas, causing life threatening flash-flooding and damage.

The rain is expected to begin Friday afternoon and move through Sunday morning, but the official time the storm stays overland depends on it's speed when it makes landfall.

Currently, those rain totals expected for much of Livingston Parish - as a 'high' flood warning is in effect. Residents are urged to prepare for flash flooding, and can find a list of sandbag locations at the link below.


Moderate to High risk of excessive rainfall to SE LA & SW MS.

  1. 📏10-15" of rain with significantly higher local amounts possible
  2. ⏰Heaviest rain expected Friday through Saturday night
  3. 🌧️Heavy rain could lead to widespread/life-threatening flash flooding


  1. 📏3-6 ft of inundation possible in the storm surge warning area
  2. ⏰Water levels begin rising Friday with highest levels on Saturday
  3. 🌊Storm surge will flood coastal roadways and other low lying areas


  1. Barry is forecast to become a hurricane before landfall
  2. 🌬️Damaging winds possible along Barry's track
  3. ⏰Highest winds expected Saturday


  1. Marginal to Slight risk of tornadoes across the area
  2. 🌪️A few tornadoes possible in Barry's outer bands
  3. ⏰Greatest threat of tornadoes will be on Friday

Any change in pressure, weather conditions, or eye formations could send Barry - which is expected to be a Hurricane by Friday evening's landfall - in a different direction.

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