President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump

WASHINGTON, D.C. - After a 'State of Emergency' was issued by the state in preparation for projected Hurricane Barry, followed by the Parish of Livingston and Denham Springs, President Donald Trump has opened the door for federal support and funds.

On Thursday night, the president approved the emergency declaration for the State of Louisiana.

Senator Kennedy, one of the first to respond to the news, tweeted this:

The Press Secretary for the White House released this letter:

Federal emergency.jpg

The declaration allows the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA to work with local agencies to help with disaster preparedness, response during the storm, and disaster recovery. It also opens the door for federal recovery dollars once the disaster has passed.

The Washington delegation, which included both senators John Kennedy and Bill Cassidy as well as Congressman Garret Graves, inked a letter earlier today urging the president to declare a state of emergency.

The City of New Orleans has already received flood damages from errant bands of Tropical Storm Barry, which at the time was called Invest92L. Barry formed, officially, into a tropical storm on Thursday morning.

Currently, the path has the eye passing between Lafayette and Baton Rouge, with the majority of rain occurring on the east side. This brings that rain into Livingston Parish where a flash flood warning is in effect. If current models remain accurate, the parish could receive up to 20 inches of rain, more in isolated spots.

That rain is expected to fall over a 36-48 hour period, depending on how fast Barry is moving when landfall occurs.

Winds of 70+ miles are also a concern as Barry is expected to strengthen into a hurricane before landfall late Friday evening or early Saturday morning.

Sandbags are being distributed throughout the parish at the following locations:

Local officials urge residents to be on the lookout for debris and trash in culverts, drains, and waterways. If you cannot remove it yourself without bodily harm or damaging the infrastructure, call the city of Denham Springs, city of Walker, or the parish.

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