Sandbags at Denham Springs

DENHAM SPRINGS - Residents are taking Barry seriously.

On Tuesday, the City of Denham Springs received 5,000 sandbags on Government Street, by the Police Department. They were gone by Wednesday morning, with the parish replacing it with 5,800 bags around lunch time.

"We have 5,000 more bags ordered but they may not come in time," Mayor Gerard Landry said. "We have never used this many."

Residents also should prepare and secure their homes, including outdoor items that may float away or damage a home. Check ditches for debris, including leaves and cut grass, to keep proper drainage.

Sand and sandbag locations throughout the Parish:

  • Fire District 2: Station 1 at 32280 Terry Street, Springfield
  • Fire District 2: Station 2 at 31447 Hwy. 22, Killian
  • Fire District 2: Station 5 at 25389 Hutchinson CC Road, Springfield
  • Fire District 3: Station 1 at 930 Government Street in Denham Springs
  • Fire District 4: Station 1 at 29758 Palmetto Street, Denham Springs
  • Fire District 10: Station 1 at 30928 Hwy. 441, Holden
  • Fire District 11: Station 1 at 33815 Hwy. 43 (old 4th Ward School), Albany
  • Fire District 9: Station 1 at 23634 Hwy. 22, Maurepas
  • Fire District 9: Station 2 at 20368 Hwy. 22, Maurepas
  • Port Vincent Community Center: 18235 Hwy. 16
  • Fire District 8: Station 1 at 15160 Hwy. 16, French Settlement
  • Fire District 1: Station 1 at 29778 Hwy. 43, Albany
  • Town of Livingston: 20550 Circle Drive behind town hall
  • Fire District 4: Station 2 at 35455 Walker N. Road, Walker

The National Weather Service (NWS); National Hurricane Center (NHC); and National Weather Prediction Service (NWP) continue to wait for Invest92L to form into a tropical event - at which point, it will be called Barry.

The NWS has stated that the chance of formation is 90 percent or “all but given” at this point. They also say that the threat of heavy rains and wind remains high, but are unwilling to give any path information until the storm has formed.

However, their forecasts for Livingston Parish rainfall still include 3”- 8” through Monday.

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