WALKER – Thursday’s severe weather put the brakes on work by CN Railroad at some of its railroad crossing – which means motorists will continue to be challenged this week.

Next week also has railroad crossing work scheduled that will affect the Denham Springs and Walker areas, according to the state Department of Transportation and Development.

Corbin Avenue (La. 1029) was closed for a second day Thursday, according to the Walker Police Department.

The crossing was closed on Wednesday, April 17, as Canadian Railroad continues its work in eastern Livingston Parish.

This comes on the heels of North Corbin Road (La. 449) being closed on April 17 for work on its railroad track just north of Florida Boulevard.

Meanwhile, Denham Springs motorists can prepare to lose Hatchell Lane, when it is closed on Thursday, April 25, according to Clay Gottschalck, project contact and lab engineer with the DOTD District 62 office in Hammond.

The railroad crossing is just north of Florida Boulevard on the heavily-traveled road.

The road will be closed in both directions from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m. for the railroad work.

The DOTD offered the following suggestions for alternate routes around the La. 449 road closing:

• Northbound motorists can take Florida Boulevard east to La. 1024, then go west to La. 449.

• Southbound motorists may take La. 1024 east to Florida Boulevard, then west to La 449.

The state agency offered the following suggestions for the Hatchell Lane closure:

• Northbound motorists can take Florida Boulevard west to La. 16, then go north to Cockerham Road (La. 1030) then east to Hatchell Lane (La. 1031).

• Southbound motorists can take Cockerham Road west to La. 16, then go south to Florida Boulevard and east to Hatchell Lane.

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