WALKER – Espresso Geaux’s business plan is simple.

They park. You order. You go back to work with a coffee.

“We’re running and gunning,” said Brandi Plaisance, owner of Espresso Geaux. “We don’t want long lines. We don’t want people to order and wait.”

Espresso Geaux can be found in parking lots from Walker to Prairieville to Baton Rouge, but to know where, you have to check is Facebook page, she said.

Some Saturday mornings are spent at the Pizza Place, 34646 La. 16, in Watson.

Espresso Geaux offers 16- and 20-ounce cups with 25 items on its Espresso Bar, Cold Items, and Non-Coffee Item menus, such as smoothies and organic teas.

Eighteen flavors ranging from cotton candy to pumpkin spice are available, with sugar-free options, keto selections and five milk choices.

Plaisance also said they offer Leroy’s Lipsmack’n Lemonade, after partnering with the 12-year-old special-needs student who developed his own lemonade business.

Eight schools have booked Espresso Geaux through Nov. 28, she said, while a deal was struck Sunday with Merge Boutique on Florida Boulevard near North Corbin Road in Walker to visit.

Businesses can schedule the coffee truck to pull up and take orders on a weekly basis, every other week or once a month, Plaisance said.

Espresso Geaux is available for special events, weddings, sports events, birthday parties and corporate events.

The truck is booked for a woman’s 20th birthday party which will be a murder mystery event, Plaisance said.

The 2007 graduate of Walker High School lived in Lafayette until 2018, where she worked as a paramedic on an offshore oil rig before joining Acadian Ambulance in 2010.

“I fell in love with serving coffee at my church in Lafayette,” Plaisance said.

She continued the tradition at her church when she moved back to Walker, she said.

To learn more, Plaisance went to the Texas Coffee School in Arlington, Texas.

“I went to get all the knowledge I could,” she said.

Plaisance said she then lined up a coffee supplier after touring the Rêve Coffee Roasters facility in Lafayette and found it matched her desire to work with other family-oriented businesses.

Then it took four months to get the 2018 Chevy Spartan truck customized in California before the coffee stared brewing.

That brewing begins at 5 a.m. when Plaisance wakes up, before making scheduled stops from 6:30 a.m. to 7 a.m. at a different school each day.

Then at 9:30 a.m., deliveries begin which can run until 6 p.m., she said.

Customers have not been shy, according to Plaisance.

One Saturday at Pizza Place, more than 100 people were served in 90 minutes, she said.

“It felt like just 20 minutes had passed,” Plaisance said.

The regular lunchtime stop at Walker High School means 200 orders, she said.

“They slam us,” Plaisance said.

Helping her run the operation is her “crew,” mom Lisa Williams and sister Brittany Flowers.

While Flowers takes orders, it’s Plaisance who is filling them.

“It’s a rush,” Plaisance said about the challenge of concentrating on each step of preparing a coffee order.

All shots are pulled by hand, she added, and doing shot extractions require perfect timing or the shot is ruined.

“I left an amazing career offshore,” Plaisance said, but what she is doing in a coffee truck brings her another type of satisfaction.

“It makes your day a little better. Someone can get a drink, smile and go back to work,” she said.

This weekend Espresso Geaux will be in Jefferson Parish for the Gretna Heritage Festival, on Friday through Sunday, then next month it will pull up in New Roads for the Harvest Festival.

“It was an adventure,” launching the business, Plaisance said. “We’re definitely on a journey for sure.”


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