25251 LA HWY 22 $599,000

Summer is typically when home sales heat up as families find time in between school years, and slow times during work for some, to either find their first home or switch locations.

It's unbearably hot for moving, but for most it's only time to move.

May home sales indicated that this summer could be one for the record books, as reports showed a stellar start for the real estate market for summer's kick off.

195 homes sold in May 2019, that's 30 more than May 2018, and 30 more than April 2018. The average home price during that time was $206,000, $18,000 more than both the previous month and year-over-year comparisons.

That amounts to $40,352,000 in inventory sold - nearly $9 million more than the previous month.

New home sales are on the rise, with 63 homes being one year or younger sold in May. That's over double April's total of 31.

Homes sold in May spent, on average, 66 days on market - although one home spent over two years (790 days) before being sold. That was a 1,977 square foot, three bedroom, two bathroom home in Killian which sold for $275,000.

The most expensive home sold was a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom camp in Killian, just south of the Amite River on Highway 22. The sold price was $590,000, or $189.35 per square foot.

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