LM Lockhart Vaccine Clinic

A patient receives a COVID-19 vaccine during a clinic at LM Lockhart Park in Denham Springs on Thursday, March 18, 2021.

The Louisiana Department of Health confirmed 854 new COVID-19 cases and 32 deaths in its Thursday report.

In addition, the state reported 663 “probable” cases and 13 “probable” deaths.

COVID-19 hospitalizations dropped by 29 overnight to 1,192. Since reaching a record 3,022 on Aug. 17, hospitalizations have dropped by 1,830. Of all COVID-19 patients currently in hospitals, about 88 percent are not fully vaccinated, according to data from the Department of Health.

The number of COVID-19 patients on mechanical ventilators dropped by seven overnight to 218 statewide.

In its latest vaccination report, approximately 2,369,572 Louisiana residents have started a COVID-19 vaccination series, a rise of 10,152 from the previous report. Of that total, approximately 2,085,440 Louisiana residents have completed a series, an increase of 17,344.

To date, the state has administered 4,301,978 vaccine doses, a rise of 26,697.

As of Thursday, the state is reporting:

-- 586,518 confirmed COVID-19 cases

-- 147,004 “probable” cases

-- ​​12,109 confirmed COVID-19 deaths 9,926

-- 1,593 “probable” deaths

-- 10,040,579 total COVID-19 tests

-- 2,369,572 COVID-19 vaccine series started; 2,085,440 series completed; 4,301,978 vaccine doses administered (updated every Monday and Thursday)

In Livingston Parish, officials confirmed 18 new cases and no new COVID-19 deaths on Thursday.

In addition, the parish reported four new “probable” cases and one new “probable” death.

In the latest vaccination report, another 237 Livingston Parish residents started a COVID-19 vaccination series, bringing the total to 55,678. Of that total, approximately 48,442 residents have completed a series, an increase of 432.

As of Thursday, Livingston Parish is reporting:

-- 16,488 confirmed COVID-19 cases

-- 7,326 “probable” cases

-- 287 confirmed COVID-19 deaths

-- 62 “probable” deaths

-- 207,697 total COVID-19 tests

-- 55,678 initiated vaccine series; 48,442 completed vaccine series (updated every Monday and Thursday)

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