A class of Livingston Parish elementary students recently received a special delivery, sent all the way from the nation’s capital.

Last week, Courtney Blount’s second grade class at The Frost School received a package from the White House, which sent excerpts of The Constitution and a letter signed by President Donald Trump to the eager elementary students.

The package came in response to “friendly letters” Blount had her class write earlier in the semester, weeks before all schools were closed statewide amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Using a pencil and a blank piece of paper, 17 students sat at their desks to write their own letter, with each starting with the phrase, “Dear President Trump.” Students asked him how he was doing and encouraged him to “never give up.” One politically-minded second grader even wrote, “Don’t let people impeach you,” while others debated on hot button issues normally saved for Congress.

“They had a lot of fun with it and really expressed their thoughts,” Blount said. “I just wanted them to write something friendly and they chose President Trump just so they could encourage him and share their thoughts on what’s going on in their country.

“Then I put them all in an envelope and sent it to the White House.”

Blount’s class got their response last week, when the White House sent a manila envelope to The Frost School addressed to “Mrs. Courtney’s Second Grade Class.” But Blount waited until she had the students together on a Zoom conference call before sharing the news with anyone.

“This was something they worked for and were excited about,” she said. “I didn’t want to share it with everyone else before they had the chance to know.”

She started the conference call by showing them the envelope and who it was addressed to. Then she brought their attention to the return address, which said “The White House.”

“When I showed them that, they lost it,” she said with a laugh.

Blount, who has taught at the school since 2013, then opened the envelope and showed the students its contents, which included excerpts of Sections 1-3 of Article II of The Constitution, a photograph of Trump, and a letter with his signature at the bottom.

The letter read:

“Thank you for taking the time to write. The young people of our nation give me great hope for the future. I am inspired that, even at a young age, you are thinking through solutions to challenges we face as a country. Our combined efforts to strengthen our communities represent the true source of American greatness.

“Always remember you have family members, teachers, and others who love you, who care about you, and who are there to help you continue to learn and grow during this challenging time.”

For students who have been out of school for nearly two months during the coronavirus pandemic, the White House package was just the thing to lift their spirits, Blount said.

“They were grinning from ear to ear,” Blount said. “This was something they all needed.”

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This is truly amazing. Mrs. Courtney had her students write to encourage Trump during precisely the time that he was lying to the entire country about the corona virus.

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