One Denham Springs girl — and future LSU Tiger — had a photoshoot to remember.

Mia Carroll, a 5-year-old who attends Amite Christian Academy in Denham Springs, was in the middle of shooting Pre-K graduation photos in front of the LSU Football Operations Building when someone yelled, “Go Tigers.”

The voice came from a balcony above Carroll, her parents, and the photographer. And to their surprise, it was none other than LSU football coach Ed Orgeron, who told everyone to wait where they were while he came down.

Coach O wanted to join the shoot.

With Mia dressed in her cap and gown, Orgeron knelt down and took a few pictures with the young, smiling LSU fan in front of the striped tiger statue. Mia wore a black gown, a purple ribbon, and waved a pair of gold pom poms with Orgeron kneeling down next to her.

Brittney Achord, a local photographer who shot the pictures, described Orgeron as “absolutely amazing” and “extremely nice” during the exchange, saying it “made Mia’s day as well as her parents.”

While they were talking, Orgeron asked Mia what she wanted to be when she grows up. Her answer: a pet doctor and an LSU cheerleader.

“It was just the craziest thing ever,” Achord said. “He asked what we were doing and then told us he was gonna come down to take pictures with us. He was just super, super nice. An amazing, nice person. It was so cool of him to come and take pictures with Mia in her little gown. It definitely made her day.”

Mia’s photoshoot also included shots in front of Tiger Stadium and the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine.

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