Gator Millworks face shield

A local business is getting in on the front line battle against the novel coronavirus.

Gator Millworks, who began building a new facility on Highway 190 between Denham Springs and Walker in 2019, will begin manufacturing plastic face shields for healthcare workers and individuals who are looking for an extra layer of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Gator Face Shields will be sold in boxes of 10 or 25 at $11 each - a box of 10 is $110, while a box of 25 is $275.

"As we continue to feel the backlash of COVID-19, we felt it was our duty to contribute to the fight in any way possible," Gator Millworks said in a release. "After seeing an industry colleague execute a similar idea, our team knew we had the technological resources and manufacturing capabilities to fabricate these products and make a direct impact on our community."

According to Gator, orders will be fulfilled and shipped within 3-4 days after order and payment confirmation.

The face shield, which weighs roughly 2.2 ounces, is made from FDA compliant Polycarbonate plastics, safe for use in medical applications. The face shield is intended to be an extra layer of PPE that provides barrier protection to the facial area against splashes, sprays, and splatter of bodily fluids to reduce the spread of infection.

Benefits and parts include:

  • Full-face design
  • Clear for maximum visibility
  • Wearable with or without glasses or goggles
  • Elastic strap; One size fits most
  • Foam headband
  • Lightweight
  • Made without natural rubber latex
  • Re-usable and washable
  • Recyclable

Fabricated in the USA (Denham Springs, LA)

Gator Millworks did include warnings with the product, which include:

  • Use only as protection against non-caustic and nonhazardous liquids or dust.
  • This shield is not pre-sterilized. Sanitize or sterilize as needed for your specific application.
  • This shield is not impact or scratch resistant.
  • Do not use as protection against projectiles, open flame, sparks.
  • Not recommended for applications with long term exposure to UV rays (outdoors)
  • This product alone does not prevent the spread of infection, pathogens or contaminants.

Finally, for use and care:

  • Make sure shield fits snugly and properly on your head prior to use.
  • Shield can be cleaned with soap and water or any non-abrasive cleaner. Test any cleaner in an inconspicuous location before cleaning the entire shield. Never clean with solvents.
  • Take care to not expose to extreme heat or open flame. Avoid storing face shield face down on rough surfaces
  • Physically inspect every face shield prior to each use. Discard face shield in trash or with recyclables if surface becomes dull or scratched, if elastic is loose, torn, or fatigued, or if snap fastener connection becomes weak from repeated use.

To place an order, follow this link ---->

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