LM Lockhart Vaccine Clinic

A patient receives a COVID-19 vaccine during a clinic at LM Lockhart Park in Denham Springs on Thursday, March 18, 2021.

Less than one week after reporting its most new COVID-19 cases in a single day to date, Livingston Parish has again set the mark.

On Tuesday, the Louisiana Department of Health confirmed 311 new cases in Livingston Parish, by far the largest overnight in the parish since the start of the pandemic.

That brings the total number of confirmed cases to 12,145.

Officials also confirmed one new COVID-19 death on Tuesday, the third straight day the parish has reported a death. Over the month of July, Livingston Parish has confirmed eight deaths, twice as much as the totals for May and June (four).

Local officials also reported 233 new “probable” cases but no new “probable” deaths.

The rise in cases and deaths comes as the parish continues to trail the statewide average in vaccinations.

As of the most recent data, approximately 42,409 Livingston Parish residents have initiated a vaccination series, with 37,214 having completed one.

Based on its population of roughly 138,000 people, roughly 30.7 percent of Livingston Parish has initiated a vaccine series while 26.9 percent has completed a vaccine series. Statewide, about 41.1 percent of the population has started a vaccine series, with 37 percent completing one.

As of Tuesday, Livingston Parish is reporting:

-- 12,145 confirmed COVID-19 cases

-- 4,690 “probable” cases

-- 195 confirmed COVID-19 deaths

-- 26 “probable” deaths

-- 163,863 total COVID-19 tests

-- 42,409 initiated vaccine series; 37,214 completed vaccine series (updated every Monday and Thursday)

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Please y’all take this seriously. My mama is in the hospital on a ventilator. My brother, who is a trainer, healthy and works off-shore just got out of the hospital and has weeks of recovery ahead of him. The Delta variant is no joke. It’s so much more deadly than the first strain. Please please please get vaccinated. Our children need to go to school this year and they need healthy parents and grandparents.


I hear your please and I'm very compassionate to your words. I pray for your family.

I have to ask you hiw many of these cases are people who are vaccinated? You, myself none if us k ow that because they won't tell the truth. The lies and misinformation we received is still being received today.the demicrats who jump and and ran off to Washington now have covid, last cou t I had wS 8, all these people claimed to be vaccinated. Then they get to Washington and spread it to people in the white house who all are vaccinated. The problem with this us all the lies, truth being hidden and the latest truth just come out by a whistle blower who works for the CDC. She felt the people needed the truth. People who are vaccinated get the virus again and it's worse than the first time around because of the vaccine. As I said I truly understand and gear your cries family and for the safety of us all and our children. I too have those same concerns but I also have concerns about people injecting a vaccine into their bodies that is nit FDA approved and doctors cannot tell us everything the vaccine contains anymore than they can tell us what China put into the vaccine. It's hard to have a safe vaccine when the virus was created by communist China not knowing what's in it. If we did know I'm pretty sure its nit something we would want to inject into our bodies. Since Jan 2021 their have been 47, 000 deaths due to the vaccine, hundreds if people with incurable neurological problems that include terrible pain leaving neurologist not knowing how to treat these people.balso heart attacks, strokes and blood clots in hunfmdreds of people in which some did not survive. These are realistic concerns. These are also trutful facts with videos of these patients and their doctors. You can't sue the pharmaceutical company or the doctor because you sign the document saying you can't. They protect themselves from any liability. They however cannot protect their liability with our dear loving creator, our Heavenly Father.

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