Walgreens line placement

Squares outside the doors of Walgreens show customers where to stand, should a line form, to practice appropriate social distancing. Now customers can purchase goods through the drive-thru to avoid lines.

A 'stay at home' order was issued by the governor in an attempt to combat the rising curve of coronavirus cases in the Bayou State.

The order still allowed residents to visit the grocery store, pharmacy, and their doctor as needed. Gov. John Bel Edwards asked residents to go 'only as needed' and try to stay home, including contacting your doctor 'via telehealth means' as much as possible.

Walgreens immediately rolled out protocols to promote social distancing, including standing spots outside the store - six feet apart - combined with only a total number of allowed customers in their locations. These protocols were rolled out to all the Livingston Parish locations.

Now, Walgreens is stepping up and allowing you to stay in your car.

Today, the pharmacy chain announced that they would open up purchasing through their drive-thru line. Customers would pull up, acquire a menu of items available for purchase through the drive-thru, and then wait for their bill and delivery to their vehicle through the window.

There's no need to pre-order, the release said, just pull up and tell us your order.

Items included, but are not limited to:

  • Household goods
  • Cough & cold medicine
  • Pain relief
  • Baby formula
  • Grocery
  • Medical supplies

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