The News staff consistently works to expand coverage in Livingston Parish – improving our reach, adapting social media requirements to inform more people, and updating our site daily with the written word, video, photography, and soon audio content.

It is the belief of the News that technology does not replace journalists – it simply enhances their ability to cover events, track down information, and present it to the public.

Because the News is ‘bucking a national trend,’ so to speak, we continue to expand our coverage. Our journalists cover the stories you love on social media, post to our website, and place content inside our pages. However, through methods of sampling, social media contact, and direct mail and phone calls the News has discovered that we simply cannot avoid the other national trend affecting print products – readers choosing a free, online product over print.

It’s to be expected, of course, and it is not a sustainable practice.

Therefore, to insure we can keep up with current growth in the parish and provide worthwhile coverage, the News will institute a paid gateway on our website beginning March 5th at a rate of $5 per month. Parts of the website will remain free, including breaking news, opinion pieces, classifieds, real estate listings, and our marketplace.

The $5 rate will not include print or the e-Edition, although any readers who currently have - or wish to purchase in the future - a print subscription will also receive full access to the website and e-Edition, via their account number.

The News will continue to be active on social media, posting blurbs about stories or breaking events, as well as photos and video. Any stories shared on social media which are behind the paywall will be clearly marked.

Also, the News will become a ‘magazine’ style on Thursdays. The new style will have a glossy cover with high-grade print stock on the inside – very similar to the recent update the News has made to our special sections. The front cover will focus on features and stories that are important to our readers. The News feels the investment in the print product will help our readers’ enjoyment with a more durable, portable, and vibrant experience.

For over 120 years our readers have been loyal. The News understands why some have chosen to move to the online version of our product, and why new community members have delved straight into the web offering. In order to continue our evolution into a modern media platform we can no longer offer online content free of charge.

Much has changed since our first attempt at a paid gateway and the News has heard your feedback. Our online portal will be much easier for users to navigate this time, and as mentioned the News will offer an ‘online only’ option.

As always, the News welcomes your questions and feedback. You can contact our office at 225-665-5176, e-mail our community liaison Drew (, message us on Facebook, or fill out our anonymous feedback form online.

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