Albany High superlatives

Pictured, from left to right, are: (front row) Ashley Horton, Cori Albritton, Nick Waguespack, Joseph Jarreau, Justin Parrish, Jade Hoyt, Alex Parker, Camryn Woods, Tristen Miles, Cynthia Dennis, and Harley Estes; (back row) Ke'Arian Chester, Jason Penton, Madison Domingue, Marcus Varnado, J.J. Prine, Ethan Bordelon, Landon Pettigrew, Hayden Smith, Nora Herrara, Meghan Landry, Katie Miranda, Jacob Gay, Jacob Ross, Hailey Bullock, Herbert Moreno, Tucker Davis, and Joey Smith.

The Albany High School senior class recently announced its “Senior Superlative Winners.”

One senior boy and one senior girl were selected in 18 categories, ranging from class clown to most spirited to most likely to succeed to biggest flirt.

The following seniors were named superlative winners:

  • Class Clown - Ethan Bordelon and Abby Howell
  • Most Likely to Succeed/Be President - Landon Pettigrew and Nora Herrera
  • Best Hair - Hayden Smith and Emily Jenkins
  • Most Spirited - Nick Pregeant and Alex Parker
  • Biggest Bookworm - J.J. Prine and Madison Domingue
  • Worst Case of Senioritis - Jacob Gay and Tristan Miles
  • Most Athletic - Justin Parrish and Cameron Woods
  • Never in Dress Code - Hebert Morena and Jade Hoyt
  • Most Artistic - Nick Waguespack and Hailey Bullock
  • Prettiest Smile - Joseph Jarreau and Meghan Landry
  • Best Musician - Jacob Ross and Katie Miranda
  • Biggest Flirt - Tucker Davis and Rayanne Ridgel
  • Most Likely to Be Late for Graduation - Jake McAlister and Darrian Pier
  • Most Likely to Be on Catfish - Paul Smitha and Cynthia Dennis
  • Biggest Drama King/Queen - Casey Thompson and Harley Estes
  • Biggest Gamer - Dalton Addison and Cori Albritton
  • Most Likely to Trip at Graduation - Jason Penton and Ashley Horton
  • Most Likely to Be Caught Sleeping in Class - Marcus Varnado and Ke’Arian Chester

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