Crazy Dave's Daiquiri Bar & Grill

Crazy Dave’s Daiquiri Bar & Grill has officially closed its door, effective Monday, Feb. 16, 2020, owner David L. Gaines announced via social media.

LIVINGSTON -- Nearly eight years after opening its doors, Crazy Dave’s Daiquiri Bar & Grill has officially closed them.

After serving up daiquiris, hosting a plethora of local talent, and utilizing its facility for much-needed fundraisers, the popular Livingston hotspot has now closed, owner David L. Gaines announced via social media.

The closing went into effect on Monday, Feb. 16 — two days after Gaines invited American Idol winner Laine Hardy and The Band Hardy to rock the stage one last time.

“As the saying goes… ‘All Good Things Must Come To An End,’” Gaines wrote in his farewell Facebook post, which has been shared more than 400 times. “It is with deep regrets that Crazy Dave's Daiquiri Bar & Grill will officially be closing.

“What a ride it has been for the past 8 plus years and one I enjoyed immensely.”

Crazy Dave’s Daiquiri Bar and Grill opened in February 2012, and for the last eight years, has offered patrons a large variety of daiquiris, food, and liquor at its location on South Frost Road. The bar featured regular entertainment, sports viewing opportunities, live music, and karaoke in addition to hosting countless fundraisers over the years.

In his Facebook post, Gaines said he did “everything in my power” to keep the doors open, adding that he spent “an inordinate amount of money” on extending the parking capacity and on interior improvements, which was “ultimately revoked from me as a tenant.”

“Without adequate parking… I don't have a business,” he said.

Gaines thanked all those who patronized his business, “from inception, until the end.” He called it “an awesome ride,” one that he will never forget.

“So many memories were made for so many people, friendships and relationships formed that never existed before, [there were] many, many laughs, the tears, the love stories, that happened right before my eyes,” he said.

Gaines said he hoped that everyone who visited his bar will remember it as a place “to enjoy themselves” and “feel safe, enjoy a good meal, amazing daiquiris, the best of wine and spirits, some incredible artists and bands, sporting events, motorcycle shows, car shows, etc.”

He said he and his staff operated daily under a Cajun French slogan “Laissez les bons temps rouler,” which translates to “Let the good times roll.”

“Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart for all the love, support and your continued patronage over the years,” Gaines wrote. “And, especially to my awesome STAFF, aka (FAMILY) to me, for all your endless devotion in helping me make Crazy Dave’s a success and allowing me to live my dream!!”

“Much love and happiness to you all in life and love!”

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