LIVINGSTON -- Satsuma Baptist Church Rev. Brad Delaughter wanted the children in his congregation to know one thing: They were made for a purpose.

That’s what the last seven days were all about.

The Satsuma Baptist Church hosted its annual summer event this week, inviting kids of all ages to take part in the “Maker Fun Factory VBS: Created by God, Built for a Purpose” bible camp for a week of praise and worship, ministering and fun-filled activities teaching biblical lessons.

The camp started Monday, June 5 and lasted until Friday, June 9, followed by a special service during the church’s regular time Sunday, June 11.

There was a different theme each night of the camp, accompanied by a different bible verse and different animal to represent that night’s lesson. “Abbie the Worker Bee” was the final character of the week, along with Jeremiah 29:11.

Each night, the participants would start in the sanctuary for group teachings and singing, with Shauna Kuhns leading the group services. Children also watched videos by the Maker Fun Factory as well as join in some of the skits on stage with Kuhns.

After that, the 50 children — twice as many as last year — broke off into different groups comprising all age groups and visited each of the five stations where they partook in bible-learning activities, singing, team-building exercises and more activities each night.

The children split into 10 “crews” of five, and each crew paired with another to visit one of the five stations: Bible Discovery, Imagination Station, KidVid Cinema, Game Makers and Snack Service. The crews would spend about 20 minutes in each station before rotating to the next.

Not only did the children learn as a group, each was assigned a different task.

Every crew had a guide, whose job was to choose the action ideas for traveling through the five stations; a kit carrier, whose job was to distribute and collect supplies and also carry the crew’s bag; a prayer person, who led and opened prayers; a schedule supervisor, who monitored the daily schedule; and a thank you-er, who led the crew in thanking the station leaders each day.

There was a big celebration Sunday to conclude the bible camp, held during the church’s regular service time.

During the service, the children let the church and families know what they’ve learned through bible verse readings and singing. There was also a potluck, a big cookout, water activities and cotton candy to wrap up the week.

Though it was primarily a children’s camp, Delaughter wanted the parents to feel involved as well, which ish why he felt the need for an end-of-the-week celebration. He wanted the entire family to be a part of it.

“If the family can be strengthened, then the community can be strengthened,” Delaughter said.

The Satsuma Baptist Church is located at 29880 S. Satsuma Road, less than three miles off U.S 190 in Livingston.

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