Bo's Extravaganza

John Schneider celebrates after successfully jumping the General Lee on Saturday, April 6. 

HOLDEN -- John Schneider invited thousands of his closest friends for a weekend of car jumps, helicopter rides, explosions, hood slides, and good music.

What a way to celebrate your birthday.

That is exactly what Schneider did this year with his Second Annual Bo’s Extravaganza, which drew big crowds all weekend long to John Schneider Studios in Holden April 6-7.

The two-day celebration featured live music on three studio stages, a carnival, car stunts, explosions, vendors and a food court. It also gave visitors a chance to mingle at meet-and-greets with some of Schneider’s co-stars, and the weekend closed with a live performance from Kid Rock.

“The motivation behind Bo’s Extravaganza is to bring new and unusual entertainment to Livingston Parish,” Schneider said during the weekend.

The party kicked off Friday, when more than 60 General Lees arrived as well as many other popular vehicles for a car show. The “Smokey and the Bandit” car made an appearance, as did two Bandit Trans Am vehicles, a sheriff car, and the 18-wheeler made famous by the late Burt Reynolds.

There was also a replica hovercraft of the General Lee, the car Schneider used to speed away from cops during his run on “The Dukes of Hazzard.”

The big draw the next day was Schneider’s jump of the General Lee, something he never did while starring on “The Dukes of Hazzard.” Schneider said jumping the famed vehicle was something he wanted to do for a long time since that is one of the top questions he gets from fans.

Bo's Extravaganza

John Schneider's General Lee stunt car clears the cop car on Saturday.

He’s always had to answer “no,” something he’s long wanted to change. On Saturday, he did it in front of a screaming crowd.

After a helicopter dropped him off on the hood of his car, Schneider jumped through the window — a move he perfected on “Dukes” — before waving at the crowd, speeding up the ramp, and clearing the cop car underneath. He celebrated with a dance after emerging from the vehicle.

In addition to Schneider’s jump, Saturday also featured local singer Sara Collins, a General Lee parade through the grounds, helicopter rides over the grounds, a ride with Clydesdale horses, a hood slide competition, and a performance from Schneider and the Hazzard Nation Band.

The action carried over to Sunday, when the rain held off long enough for another stunt and the Kid Rock performance scheduled for that evening.

Sunday’s stunt featured a car chase between Schneider in the General Lee and stunt driver James Smith in a cop car. As Schneider came down the road in the General, the cop car veered off the road, hit a pile of hay, and flipped on its side over another cop car and through a fire ball explosion.

James Smith emerged from the flipped car with thumbs held high in the air as both he and Schneider celebrated another successful stunt. Jack Gill, who coordinated both stunts for the weekend, said he was extremely pleased on how the stunts went when asked after the show.

With the stunts out of the way, people had their pick of which artist to listen to on various stages, including former “American Idol” contestant Bo Bice, Whey Jennings (grandson of Waylon Jennings), and Tom Wopat, Schneider’s “Dukes” co-star.

Bo's Extravaganza

Kid Rock was the headliner for Bo's Extravaganza in Holden on Sunday, April 7. 

Then Kid Rock came to the stage, and he did not disappoint.

The rocker performed some of his most famous hits during an hour-long set that included, “Cowboy,” “Born Free,” and “All Summer Night.” But no Bo’s Extravaganza would be complete without a cover of Waylon Jennings’ hit “Just A Good Ol Boy,” the theme song for “The Dukes of Hazzard.” Schneider even joined Kid Rock on stage to sing the famous tune.

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