Seventh Ward Color Run

The top finishers of Seventh Ward Elementary’s Color Run on Wednesday, May 15, take a moment to catch their breath.

DENHAM SPRINGS -- Though they tried to cover their faces, the students couldn’t avoid all the colors flying in the air.

Some of them even embraced it, spreading their arms as red, blue, orange and yellow colored chalk covered their bodies from head to toe.

Good thing this was outside.

Colored chalk of all shades and hues flew in the air during Seventh Ward Elementary’s Color Run through campus on Wednesday, May 15.

Starting behind the gym, students ran two laps around a teacher-made course — a total of 1,200 meters, P.E. teacher Mary Bordelon said — that took them around a field, through the playground, behind a green shed, between the library and cafeteria and back to the gym.

Teachers and parents waited at various points throughout the course, covering the students’ clean white T-shirts in colored chalk. Each grade finished their turn on the field with a good old-fashioned tug-of-war.

“They’re having a blast,” Bordelon said.

The entire school participated in the Color Run, Bordelon said. The thought for the event stemmed from the Cougar Mileage Club, which was reintroduced at the school within the last two years.

All students in grades K-5 participate in the club, which is ran by Bordelon and fellow P.E. teacher Courtney Comeaux. They run a mile every Friday during their P.E. time.

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