Holden High Class of 2022

A graduation ceremony celebrating the Holden High Class of 2022 was held on Friday, May 20, 2022.

Holden High celebrated the Class of 2022 with its commencement ceremony on Friday, May 20.

During the ceremony, seniors were handed their hard-earned diplomas from Principal Kris Rountree.

Of the 32 seniors who graduated, 10 did so with honors.

Listed below are the names of all Holden High graduates this year.

(Note: *Honors student)

Kayleigh Atkinson

Megan Breithaupt

Matthew Cass

Brent Cobb

Camille Comish *

Kayla Davis *

Natalie DiMarco *

Brayden Dougherty

Brennon Douglas

Braden Drott

Caleb Dupre

Isabella Guidry

Taylor Haydel

Kelsey Henderson

Macey Higginbotham *

Hannah Hirstius *

Sydney Horn

Elizabeth Hoyt

Brittany Jasso *

Grace Johnson *

Logan Johnson

Isabella Jones

Mia Komen

Destiny Kreeger *

Zoey Maynard

Branton McSwain

Katelynn Munoz

Joel Penalber *

Austin Seal

Shelbi Stafford

Paul Stumpf *

Cade Watts

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